Beemac Precast Concrete Products

Beemac Concrete was founded in 1997 to provide materials to the House Builders and Water Supply Companies.

Initially providing House Inspection Chambers, Valve and Hydrant Chambers and Toby sections, the company moved into supplying Indicator and Hydrant marker posts for an increasingly diverse customer base. We now supply Electrical contractors, Railway maintenance providers and increasingly Solar and Wind power generators with protection systems and marker blocks for underground cables. Accompanying this we now supply all types of marker plates and fixings from standard to bespoke markings and colours.

We supply many types of precast Fencing, from Slotted posts and Gravel Boards to Large Cranked Security posts as well as an increasing demand for close board fencing.

We have also invested heavily in the specialist precast concrete market. When a customer requires a special cover or cope for their particular contract, we will work closely to manufacture the finished product to their exact size, shape and specification.